IT Solutions

Delivering functional and technical solutions.

The importance of IT for healthcare professionals cannot be underestimated.
The increasing collaboration required between departments and facilities and the reliance on data systems has meant that IT systems have become a necessary and essential expense.
Ozdoc convert this expense into an investment that continually delivers returns.
Our experience in delivering functional and technical solutions means we accurately read the market pulse, the demands of health practitioners and the expectations of their patients.
We design, implement and support custom IT solutions that will exactly meet the unique needs of each of our clients.
We are a full service provider, partnering with you every step of the way.

Full Surgery Build Outs

Internet Routers & Logistics

Custom Server Solutions


Ready-To-Work Workstations

Onsite Backup And Storage


Consolidated Data Point

Off Site Data Storage

Forward Compatibility

Medical Grade IT Solutions

IT Support as a Service

Premium, Basic and Monitoring options.

Security as a Service

Anti-virus, Anti-spam, DNS, 2FA & Malware Protection, Dark Web Monitoring and Security Training.

Business Continuity as a Service

Onsite Backups, Offsite Backups to Data Centre, 365 Backups.

Secure Networking as a Service

Secure Firewall, VPN and Secure Wireless.

Voice & eFax as a Service

Hosted PABX and Telephony solution and eFax service.

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Ozdoc is your IT partner every step of the way