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Transition your medical practice IT from Practix

Transition your medical practice from Practix to a new provider with help from Ozdoc Solutions

Owners of the well-known and widely used medical software application Practix have announced the product will not be supported after February 2018.

There is no need to panic, as Ozdoc Solutions are already working with a number of specialist and general practice clients across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, guiding them seamlessly through the process of choosing, and transitioning, to new patient database applications.

Ozdoc Solutions take pride in being wholly unbiased and independent of software vendors, making them the trusted experts, assisting medical practices to select and integrate a new medical software solution.

The medical practice specialists on our team understand there are many factors to consider when changing software platforms, with some of the major determinants being:

· Time and cost involved in migrating data from Practix to the new platform
· Potential implications related to the quality of patient care, e.g. system downtime
· The quality and accuracy of the data when migrated from Practix to the new platform
· Training staff on the new platform
· Ongoing s
oftware support from the new software provider

It is important to closely consider cost and timing factors related to migrating data to the new platform you select. These factors, if not managed correctly, could negatively impact patient care and practice reputation.

The good news is that the majority of medical practice software providers have clear data migration pathways, although this will generally only apply to patient records, not to financial information. A workaround could be to archive a static Practix database in order to access historical financial data as needed.

Ozdoc Solutions can help medical practices identify which software platforms will be compatible with current workflows and patient management. We can also advice on which companies complete the data migration process themselves, and the ones who will call on your IT support company for assistance. In most cases, a test migration will occur first, which allows you to review the migrated data and confirm that everything has come across to the new platform. Once this has been verified, the full migration can be scheduled.

Depending on the size of your Practix database, the data migration and testing phases may take hours or days, so you will need a contingency plan to manage how the practice will run during the live migration time. Common questions may include:

· Will you keep paper records which will later need to be entered into the new system?

· How will reports be stored during the changeover period?

· How will you manage bookings made in advance within the old system?

· Will there be any issues with appointment payments and Medicare rebates?

· Will doctors and allied health professionals be able to remotely access information when away from the practice or out on-call?

Data migrations are not always straightforward, so thorough planning in the lead up is crucial. Although it has been announced that Practix will be supported until February next year, medical practices would be well advised to start planning for their changeover now, or risk service bottlenecks and other issues in 2018.

Ozdoc Solutions are happy to assist medical practices by acting as an unbiased adviser during the software selection and Practix changeover period.

Contact the expert team at Ozdoc Solutions today on 1300 799 889 to discuss how we can help your practice seamlessly navigate a pathway beyond Practix.

Date posted: 2017-02-22 | posted by: ozdoc

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