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Growing medical practices in Brisbane

Over the past decade, Brisbane’s population has soared exponentially. From 2006-2016, the city’s population rose by an average of 1.6 percent per annum (or 174,000 people in total). And a large percentage of this population is centred around outer Brisbane’s residential areas.

Such radical population growth has had a major impact on the long-range planning of community health and medical facilities. These effects are most keenly felt in Brisbane’s GP clinics, which have had to cope with alternations in age composition, changes in population density and urban-rural movement.

GP clinics have long been searching for a way to cope with population changes. Fortunately, there is a simple, innovative and cost-effective way for Brisbane GP clinics to keep pace with demand, while staying a step ahead of the competition – by ensuring you have the right IT support services and systems.

24/7 IT support– When you choose Ozdoc Solutions, 24/7 IT support is part of our exceptional personal service. Our knowledgeable help desk staff provide GP clinics with 7-day IT support, with after hours support also available for emergencies.

We offer comprehensive phone and online support and pride ourselves in being able to fix the majority of IT problems remotely. IT systems can often go down at the most inconvenient times. Yet you can rest assured that our team can remotely fix problems whenever they arise.

For the more complicated equipment and hardware issues, our engineers are on standby to ensure you have as little downtime as possible.

Making installation easy – We work according to your installation schedule, and set up and test equipment on site. We’ll work with your medical software provider to streamline installation. And to eliminate unnecessary headaches, we adapt existing equipment to suit your new practice environment.

Optimised IT systems designed for your needs – At Ozdoc Solutions, we have an intimate understanding of GP clinic requirements. We design new or enhanced systems to ensure your practice runs smoothly. That’s why we take crucial practice requirements, such as remote access, database security, programme and services integration into account.

Our trusted IT partners are committed to providing quality hardware and software, which helps us create the ideal IT system to suit your needs. To make the process even easier, we provide a comprehensive quote to help you budget and plan for installation as well as future needs.

Support clinic growth– Most IT system providers will install your systems, and that’s the last you’ll hear from them. However, at Ozdoc Solutions, we support you all the way. We are committed to partnering with you as your medical practice grows.

For added peace of mind, we take ownership of any problems which may arise and follow them through to completion.

To ensure your practice can keep pace with Brisbane’s growing population, contact the experienced team at Ozdoc Solutions today, for everything from hassle-free installation, system analysis, to ongoing IT support.

Date posted: 2017-02-02 | posted by: ozdoc

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