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Managing a growing practice and increasing patient demand

Medicine is a complex, exciting field undergoing constant change, and the most effective way to keep pace is to adopt the latest IT systems and processes for your practice. As your practice grows and you experience an increase in patient numbers, record keeping becomes significant, with ever expanding consequences for data loss or security breach.

Broadly speaking, adopting the right customised IT solution for your practice will:

Make appointment scheduling easier – with practice management software, you will be able to schedule appointments quickly and easily. With automated scheduling functionality, the software allows you to schedule hundreds of non-conflicting appointments.

Store patient information securely – Up-to-date IT systems and processes enable your practice to “go paperless”, by creating and storing electronic patient records, test results, medical histories, medication details, and more. Electronic records ensure vital patient details are securely archived in one place, readily available to all staff.

Make billing simpler– Medical billing is a complex process. However, with the right IT systems and processes, it can be a breeze. Our talented Ozdoc team can help you to function with the latest practice management software, to consolidate your billing duties. Thus enabling you to:

· Ensure claims are submitted in a timely manner

· Increase the amount of claims accepted

· Generate financial reports, and;

· Gather financial data to analyse your practice’s financial health

However, none of these benefits will be realised if you do not have adequate IT systems and processes to support your growing practice. There are many downsides to not updating your practice’s IT systems and processes, including:

Computers go down – Without critical IT infrastructure (i.e. server, software, hardware, etc.) from Ozdoc Solutions, you run the risk of your computers going down. Since IT systems and processes are the lifeblood of your practice, IT problems will jeopardise appointments, patient records, billing and more.

Doctors are unable to see patients – If servers go down and your IT system is not running efficiently, doctors will not be able to see and treat patients effectively. An inadequate IT system and processes for your practice can result in double-booking, doctors unable to access patient medical records, and the billing system can be thrown into chaos.

Your practice loses money– The long-term impact of having the wrong software, hardware, servers, and IT systems to suit your needs is losing money.

A medical practice can lose money in a variety of ways – from bad billing practices to double-booking, to inadequately kept patient records, general inefficiency and more.

All these problems are easily remedied by speaking to the experts at Ozdoc Solutions. Call or email us today, and our team will advise you on the perfect software, hardware, server, and IT solutions to suit your growing practice.

Date posted: 2016-12-09 | posted by: ozdoc

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