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How to build a strong business worthy password (and actually remember it!)


- Use a passphrase instead of a password

o Using a sentence or phrase instead of just one word can be much easier for you and harder for others to guess e.g. allgoodcowsliketoeatgreengrass or if you want it shorter you can substitute it for, agcltegg

- Use abbreviations or purposely misspelled words

o Love to laugh > Luv2Laf

- Replace some letters with symbols or numbers eg. $ for S, 3 for E


- Use punctuation ! . , -

- If you really have a bad memory maybe use:

o A list of password reminders instead of using the password itself e.g. your favourite place may help you remember tr0p1CALPAR1dice

o Passphrases as they can be much easier to remember rather than an acronym of some sort

o Lastpass, keepass, roboform and ipassword keep all passwords accessible and secure with one password

- a hard time figuring out a password? maybe the best option for you is:

o to use a random password generator! The generator will collect letters, numbers and symbols for a completely randomised password, the catch with this one though is you may have to write this down somewhere for safe keeping as you may find it hard to remember. There are many free services online you can just search ‘password generator’


- Consecutive numbers or letters e.g. abcde, qwerty, 1234,

- Including personal information such as a name or birth date

- Reuse the exact same password for everything

o Even the slightest change within the same password can count as a different password

- Use repeating characters e.g. aaaaa, ttt222, 666

- Make all the characters numbers, uppercase or lowercase letters

- Tell others what your password is

- Keep your password the same forever

- Use words found in the dictionary 

o These words can be much easier to guess and spell

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Emails from ASIC

Fake emails have been circulating purporting to come from ASIC, with a link to renew your business registration.  

Any correspondence from ASIC will have very specific information related to your company registration, and will also be very clearly from ASIC.  Look for links and return addresses which go to a web address ending in .gov.au which is the default for all federal government departments.

The fake emails which have been sighted are from the following address:  australiangovernment.com, which is definitely illegitimate.  

Please be wary of all unidentified emails, and call the help desk if you have any further questions.  

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Petya ramsomware campaign

There are reports in the media today of the new ramsomware attack impacting business and government agencies around the world overnight.  Called 'Petya' it is spreading in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Petya makes your computer or its files unusable unless you pay a fee (a ramsom).  There are emerging reports of Australian organisations being impacted.  

Please ensure all email users are following guidelines to avoid infection:

  • -  Ensure your antivirus is up to date
  • -  Don't click on links in emails
  • -  Don't download files from websites
  • -  Call the help desk if you have any problems

With the end of financial year upon us, emailed invoices are likely to be a vehicle for ramsomware attacks, so please be sure of the email source if you do receive emails this way.

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Date posted: 2017-06-28 | Comments(0)

Transition your medical practice IT from Practix

Transition your medical practice from Practix to a new provider with help from Ozdoc Solutions

Owners of the well-known and widely used medical software application Practix have announced the product will not be supported after February 2018.

There is no need to panic, as Ozdoc Solutions are already working with a number of specialist and general practice clients across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, guiding them seamlessly through the process of choosing, and transitioning, to new patient database applications.

Ozdoc Solutions take pride in being wholly unbiased and independent of software vendors, making them the trusted experts, assisting medical practices to select and integrate a new medical software solution.

The medical practice specialists on our team understand there are many factors to consider when changing software platforms, with some of the major determinants being:

· Time and cost involved in migrating data from Practix to the new platform
· Potential implications related to the quality of patient care, e.g. system downtime
· The quality and accuracy of the data when migrated from Practix to the new platform
· Training staff on the new platform
· Ongoing s
oftware support from the new software provider

It is important to closely consider cost and timing factors related to migrating data to the new platform you select. These factors, if not managed correctly, could negatively impact patient care and practice reputation.

The good news is that the majority of medical practice software providers have clear data migration pathways, although this will generally only apply to patient records, not to financial information. A workaround could be to archive a static Practix database in order to access historical financial data as needed.

Ozdoc Solutions can help medical practices identify which software platforms will be compatible with current workflows and patient management. We can also advice on which companies complete the data migration process themselves, and the ones who will call on your IT support company for assistance. In most cases, a test migration will occur first, which allows you to review the migrated data and confirm that everything has come across to the new platform. Once this has been verified, the full migration can be scheduled.

Depending on the size of your Practix database, the data migration and testing phases may take hours or days, so you will need a contingency plan to manage how the practice will run during the live migration time. Common questions may include:

· Will you keep paper records which will later need to be entered into the new system?

· How will reports be stored during the changeover period?

· How will you manage bookings made in advance within the old system?

· Will there be any issues with appointment payments and Medicare rebates?

· Will doctors and allied health professionals be able to remotely access information when away from the practice or out on-call?

Data migrations are not always straightforward, so thorough planning in the lead up is crucial. Although it has been announced that Practix will be supported until February next year, medical practices would be well advised to start planning for their changeover now, or risk service bottlenecks and other issues in 2018.

Ozdoc Solutions are happy to assist medical practices by acting as an unbiased adviser during the software selection and Practix changeover period.

Contact the expert team at Ozdoc Solutions today on 1300 799 889 to discuss how we can help your practice seamlessly navigate a pathway beyond Practix.

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Date posted: 2017-02-22 | Comments(0)

Growing medical practices in Brisbane

Over the past decade, Brisbane’s population has soared exponentially. From 2006-2016, the city’s population rose by an average of 1.6 percent per annum (or 174,000 people in total). And a large percentage of this population is centred around outer Brisbane’s residential areas.

Such radical population growth has had a major impact on the long-range planning of community health and medical facilities. These effects are most keenly felt in Brisbane’s GP clinics, which have had to cope with alternations in age composition, changes in population density and urban-rural movement.

GP clinics have long been searching for a way to cope with population changes. Fortunately, there is a simple, innovative and cost-effective way for Brisbane GP clinics to keep pace with demand, while staying a step ahead of the competition – by ensuring you have the right IT support services and systems.

24/7 IT support– When you choose Ozdoc Solutions, 24/7 IT support is part of our exceptional personal service. Our knowledgeable help desk staff provide GP clinics with 7-day IT support, with after hours support also available for emergencies.

We offer comprehensive phone and online support and pride ourselves in being able to fix the majority of IT problems remotely. IT systems can often go down at the most inconvenient times. Yet you can rest assured that our team can remotely fix problems whenever they arise.

For the more complicated equipment and hardware issues, our engineers are on standby to ensure you have as little downtime as possible.

Making installation easy – We work according to your installation schedule, and set up and test equipment on site. We’ll work with your medical software provider to streamline installation. And to eliminate unnecessary headaches, we adapt existing equipment to suit your new practice environment.

Optimised IT systems designed for your needs – At Ozdoc Solutions, we have an intimate understanding of GP clinic requirements. We design new or enhanced systems to ensure your practice runs smoothly. That’s why we take crucial practice requirements, such as remote access, database security, programme and services integration into account.

Our trusted IT partners are committed to providing quality hardware and software, which helps us create the ideal IT system to suit your needs. To make the process even easier, we provide a comprehensive quote to help you budget and plan for installation as well as future needs.

Support clinic growth– Most IT system providers will install your systems, and that’s the last you’ll hear from them. However, at Ozdoc Solutions, we support you all the way. We are committed to partnering with you as your medical practice grows.

For added peace of mind, we take ownership of any problems which may arise and follow them through to completion.

To ensure your practice can keep pace with Brisbane’s growing population, contact the experienced team at Ozdoc Solutions today, for everything from hassle-free installation, system analysis, to ongoing IT support.

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Why setting up your IT systems and processes is essential when starting a new practice

Establishing a new medical practice is one of the most rewarding and daunting experiences for a healthcare professional. One of the most important decisions to make is selecting the right IT professional to set up IT systems and processes for your practice.

The importance of effective IT systems and processes within the healthcare sector cannot be overstated. Choosing the right IT system for your practice will streamline daily operations and increase cash flow. While choosing the wrong one causes endless headaches for staff, creates barriers to providing care and decreases overall profits.

Here are some of the benefits of having the right IT systems and processes in place for your practice:

Streamlining – One of the biggest frustrations faced by doctors and staff in medical practices is not having vital financial, logistical and patient information in one place. Without the right IT system, doctors, receptionists and other staff spend endless hours searching for the information.

All this pain can be avoided with customised IT systems and processes, which streamline all aspects of your practice, including scheduling, billing, financial analysis, patient records, and more.

Automation– Another simple way to take the burden off your front desk staff is adopting an integrated practice management system. This invaluable IT system places control in the patient’s hands. Featuring a patient portal, this system allows patients to request appointments and fill out forms online.

Not only is this system more convenient for patients (they can book appointments when it suits them and request their preferred doctor), it also takes some burden off of the front desk and prevents double-booking.

Billing– Choosing the right IT system and processes for your practice will enable you to keep medical billing in-house. By keeping medical billing in-house, you’ll save money and time, as well as ensure vital financial information is not compromised. Adopting an IT system which allows you to utilise electronic billing will enable you to:

· Ensure claims are submitted in a timely manner

· Increase the amount of claims accepted (by Medicare, etc.)

· Generate financial reports, and;

· Gather financial data to analyse your practice’s financial health

Improving Quality of Care – IT systems play a crucial role in improving quality of patient care. Firstly, they eliminate the need to interpret handwriting in charts and administrative orders. Secondly, electronic record keeping provides instant access to patient medical and prescription histories.

Finally, an integrated IT system provides doctors with the latest medical findings, helping them to better treat patients.

Patient Communication – IT systems and processes can also help improve communication between doctors and their patients. By selecting the right IT system for your needs, you’ll be able to:

· Generate and send patients balance statements

· Pre-determine whether patients will have any out-of-pocket expenses prior to their appointment

· Remind patients of upcoming appointments via email or text message, and;

· Inform patients of test results via email

To integrate the right IT system and processes to suit your needs, call or email the expert team at Ozdoc Solutions today.

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Managing a growing practice and increasing patient demand

Medicine is a complex, exciting field undergoing constant change, and the most effective way to keep pace is to adopt the latest IT systems and processes for your practice. As your practice grows and you experience an increase in patient numbers, record keeping becomes significant, with ever expanding consequences for data loss or security breach.

Broadly speaking, adopting the right customised IT solution for your practice will:

Make appointment scheduling easier – with practice management software, you will be able to schedule appointments quickly and easily. With automated scheduling functionality, the software allows you to schedule hundreds of non-conflicting appointments.

Store patient information securely – Up-to-date IT systems and processes enable your practice to “go paperless”, by creating and storing electronic patient records, test results, medical histories, medication details, and more. Electronic records ensure vital patient details are securely archived in one place, readily available to all staff.

Make billing simpler– Medical billing is a complex process. However, with the right IT systems and processes, it can be a breeze. Our talented Ozdoc team can help you to function with the latest practice management software, to consolidate your billing duties. Thus enabling you to:

· Ensure claims are submitted in a timely manner

· Increase the amount of claims accepted

· Generate financial reports, and;

· Gather financial data to analyse your practice’s financial health

However, none of these benefits will be realised if you do not have adequate IT systems and processes to support your growing practice. There are many downsides to not updating your practice’s IT systems and processes, including:

Computers go down – Without critical IT infrastructure (i.e. server, software, hardware, etc.) from Ozdoc Solutions, you run the risk of your computers going down. Since IT systems and processes are the lifeblood of your practice, IT problems will jeopardise appointments, patient records, billing and more.

Doctors are unable to see patients – If servers go down and your IT system is not running efficiently, doctors will not be able to see and treat patients effectively. An inadequate IT system and processes for your practice can result in double-booking, doctors unable to access patient medical records, and the billing system can be thrown into chaos.

Your practice loses money– The long-term impact of having the wrong software, hardware, servers, and IT systems to suit your needs is losing money.

A medical practice can lose money in a variety of ways – from bad billing practices to double-booking, to inadequately kept patient records, general inefficiency and more.

All these problems are easily remedied by speaking to the experts at Ozdoc Solutions. Call or email us today, and our team will advise you on the perfect software, hardware, server, and IT solutions to suit your growing practice.

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Checklist for setting up a new practice

Setting up a new practice is one of the most rewarding and daunting decisions a healthcare professional can make. By turning your passion for helping people into a business, you’ll generate an impressive profit while serving the community. Read on for a comprehensive checklist for setting up a new practice.

1. IT systems & processes – A customised IT system is essential in ensuring your practice runs smoothly. Integrated IT systems and processes enable you to:

· Keep track of patient records, test results and medications

· Generate patient reminders for appointments

· Access the latest medical research

· Decrease waste and costs through digitised test results

2. Insurance - As a doctor, you have a professional obligation to ensure your practice is appropriately covered by professional indemnity insurance. According to current regulations, you must meet the requirements set out in the Registration Standard of Professional Indemnity Insurance, established by the Medical Board of Australia.

3. Marketing – Marketing is essential in building, promoting and improving patient perception of your practice. The most effective ways to market your practice to current and prospective patients include:

· Expand your services by: offering extended hours, house calls or nursing home visits

· Conducting patient surveys

· Send out “Welcome to Practice” and “Happy Birthday” letters to current and prospective patients. This is an effective way to generate positive word-of-mouth

· Send out appointment reminders via text or email. By putting in the extra effort, patients will associate quality, care and compassion with your practice, and may increase referrals

4. Staff – Enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff are the cornerstone of a successful medical practice. These are some useful factors to consider before hiring staff:

· Determining essential staff requirements for your practice.

· Familiarising yourself with the employment standards in your State and typical pay rates

· Determining the qualities you require in employees (i.e. strong clinical skills, great customer service skills, a friendly manner, adaptability and a willingness to learn)

· Determining the skill set and training your new hire should have, and if you want to train them in-house or pay for additional training

· Ensuring your new hires have positive references. As this person represents your practice (and is often the first and last person your patient deals with), you want to ensure your employees are a positive representation of your practice.

5. Space – The right physical location for your medical practice is vital for its ongoing success. When choosing a location for your practice, you should consider:

· Is it a high traffic area? Is it exposed to foot traffic, or is it near a corner where motorists stopped at a light may notice you?

· Is the building bright, noticeable and well lit?

· Are there any practices similar to yours nearby?

· Are you located in a clean, respectable part of town? Are the footpaths clean, walls free of graffiti and the crime rate relatively low?

· Is ample parking available for patients?

· Are you seeing non-driving patients by selecting a location with close proximity to public transport?

When you have organised these issues, then you're nearly ready to open the doors of your new practice. But first you will need some support to setup your IT, so please contact us.

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Brisbane medical IT services - how to pick the best provider

Are you a healthcare provider looking to outsource your IT services to a reliable IT company?

As a healthcare provider, are you trying to find more efficient solutions to manage your medical practice and IT operations?

Medical technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with a variety of new software solutions and devices now available that offer complete integration and connectivity with hospital information management systems. It is imperative that healthcare providers keep pace with the ever-changing industry in which they operate always ensuring that IT systems seamlessly support and compliment quality patient care practices.

If you are located in Brisbane and looking to hire an IT service provider for your private medical practice, you need to consider a few things. You need to figure out what IT services you require to help streamline your medical practice in order to provide better care to patients. You will also be looking for an IT service provider that supports you in using IT solutions strategically, ensuring better hospital record integration, patient care and connectivity.

If you are looking for a Brisbane medical IT provider who understands the healthcare industry, knows how to address complex challenges, provides effective IT solutions and technical expertise, then Ozdoc is the company for you. Since their establishment, Ozdoc have partnered with HealthInc, Best Practice, Medical Director, COMRAD, Intelerad, and Genie Services to provide custom IT solutions to healthcare providers.

You can be assured of the best Brisbane medical IT services at Ozdoc. Ozdoc are a full medical service company, offering remote solutions to healthcare providers using the latest technologies. Ozdoc have a large team of qualified and trained engineers based in SE Queensland, all with extensive experience and knowledge in information technology.

Ozdoc have highly trained engineers and IT professionals who are fully certified, police checked and who have worked in the IT and health care sector for many years. Ozdoc engineers receive regular training and are adept at developing and providing optimal IT solutions to clients in the healthcare industry.

A professional Brisbane medical IT provider should be able to provide a first-class IT solution that not only meets the needs of the client but also supports a practice sustainability for the future. Ozdoc medical IT services incorporate world-class hardware and software solutions to help healthcare providers deliver better care and drive better results. A good IT solution reduces operational costs, stores patient data, coordinates care, manages complex payment models and assumes more risk. Ozdoc's healthcare IT solutions provide the following services to healthcare providers:

a. 24/7 server monitoring

b. Remote support

c. Site engineer

d. Priority callouts

e. Large support team

f. Detailed documentation

g. Help desk

Ozdoc strive to meet healthcare client expectations and demands by developing cost-effective IT solutions. With their comprehensive electronic health record solutions, world-class infrastructure and expert hosting and consulting services, Ozdoc have come to be known as one of the best Brisbane medical IT providers.

Before engaging a new medical service provider, make sure it provides first class IT solutions to its clients.

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Protecting data and minimising IT risks for your medical practice

The digital age has revolutionised the medical and healthcare industry in many ways, with technology and innovation serving as defining factors of success. Information Technology (IT) has made the medical practice less stressful by streamlining systems using innovative hardware and software resulting in a positive shift in medical operations and management over time.

The IT systems used in a medical practice rely on a high level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the design and development of hardware and software. To operate these systems, internal staff must undergo extensive training. Alternatively, systems management and support can be outsourced to a reliable specialist company to provide IT solutions exclusively designed to suit the needs of modern healthcare providers.

Medical IT service providers optimise medical processes, protect data and minimise IT risks by utilising cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Another reason more hospitals are switching to outsourcing companies is that they reduce overall operating costs. Medical IT service providers also take care of multiple departments, which in turn allows hospitals and medical practitioners to focus on serving their patients first and foremost.

The investment in IT solutions for medical practice has surged over the years. More and more hospitals and healthcare providers are switching to an easier and practical IT solution that offers database integrity, network security, backup reliability and support. Ozdoc have been known to provide the highest quality outsourced information technology and systems management services to the healthcare industry, since their establishment in 1992.

Ozdoc provide quality IT solutions for medical practices, drawing on innovation and extensive expertise within the healthcare industry. Ozdoc are the most trusted medical IT support services provider due to their trusted network of highly trained IT technicians and support professionals. They keep hardware and software systems up to date, ensure backup procedures are in place and provide support and training to staff whenever they need it.

Ozdoc have transformed medical practices by introducing advanced systems design as well as exclusive innovations in IT for medical practices. With their decades of experience in delivering functional and technical IT solutions for medical practices, Ozdoc ensure the demands of health practitioners as well as the expectations of their patients are met. The professional staff at Ozdoc design, implement and support custom IT solutions that meet the unique needs of hospitals and individual healthcare providers.

Ozdoc build an IT infrastructure that provides healthcare providers with rapid access to patient-specific information as well as a robust e-connectivity infrastructure that integrates databases ensuring smooth monitoring and tracking of patient files.

From project planning to installation, setup and maintenance, Ozdoc work with healthcare providers every step of the way. They ensure full protection of data by continually monitoring the main server and critical infrastructure to make sure it functions efficiently. Ozdoc ensure there are no data breaches and that no cyber-criminal activity can infiltrate or disrupt operations. Ozdoc IT solutions add efficiency and remove stress with their cutting edge, exclusive IT for medical practice solutions. With Ozdoc's advanced technology, healthcare providers can maintain a healthy, growing patient base, providing each patient with quality care as well as a comprehensive range of services.

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