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The importance of IT for healthcare professionals cannot be underestimated. The increasing collaboration required between departments and facilities and the reliance on data systems has meant that IT systems have become a necessary and essential expense. Ozdoc convert this expense into an investment that continually delivers returns.

Our experience in delivering functional and technical solutions means we accurately read the market pulse, the demands of health practitioners and the expectations of their patients. We design, implement and support custom IT solutions that will exactly meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We are a full service provider, partnering with you every step of the way.

When designing new or enhanced systems, we take in to account critical requirements such as remote access, database security, integration of different programmes and services and effective day to day practice operations. Our trusted IT partners provide quality hardware and software to help us create the right system for you, and we provide a comprehensive quote to enable you to budget and plan for the installation.

With careful and intelligent preparation and planning, we minimise downtime during installation, and ensure business disruption is negligible. This may require installation over a weekend, or simply planning down time for the practice.

We are on site for the critical 'go-live' day to ensure all users have access to the system, and everything runs smoothly. Our technical support team then ensure key personnel and administrators fully understand the operation of the system.

We provide online and phone support, and are able to fix the majority of issues remotely. However, our engineers are on standby to ensure that you have the least downtime possible.

Starting out in medical practice

We partner you through the growth of your medical practice, take
ownership of issues and follow them through to completion.

Project planning

  • We consult with your architects to plan for your needs
  • We consult with your service providers to meet their needs
  • We help to integrate services to reduce cost and complexity
  • We work with you to deliver the best equipment for your needs
  • We provide a detailed quote for equipment and services
  • We look for opportunities to reduce your costs
  • We keep in touch to ensure your time line is met

Installation and setup

  • We work to your installation schedule
  • We set up and test equipment on site
  • We work with other providers to streamline their installations
  • We assist your medical software provider with installation
  • We adapt existing equipment to your new practice environment
  • We create detailed site documentation
  • We are on site for your critical "go live" day to resolve problems


  • With Praevenio we monitor your server and critical infrastructure to ensure it is functioning efficiently
  • We monitor your daily backups and perform test restores
  • All our engineers have knowledge of your site, and can respond to issues
  • Our helpdesk operates daily, with after hours emergency responses
  • We provide remote support for most problems, saving you money

Renew and replace

  • We monitor warranties to ensure your equipment is maintained in good working order
  • We plan with you to ensure future growth is managed
  • We have up to date knowledge of technologies and systems to ensure you have state of the art solutions
  • We provide detailed quotes for all recommended equipment and find the best price
  • We work with you to replace equipment with minimal business disruption
Remote Support
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